How to pick the best Rambo Survival knife

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I like to have a knife with a slanted edge or a distinctive edge. Of course, a lot of people simply like having a Rambo knife, and there are others who just want a survival knife in general.  Be sure to stay away from the twofold edge, sharp edge, generally designed to use for wounding. These twofold edge knifes have blades are something you need to stay at a tactical distance from. The best kind of survival knife is one that can be used for multiple things, with my favorite survival knife being the Rambo style. Anything good enough for Rambo, works for me.

Finally, we have come to the combo sides, which is the halfway serrated. Personally, this is not a favorite of mine, however, the full serrated and/or the full plain edge blades have some good points.

The size of a Rambo knifes

You next thought should be on the leading edge size. Keep in mind that greater does not always mean better. I like the blade of my survival knives to be a least 6 inches of sharp edge because I use this for slashing a lot of wood when I have put so much of my energy into my outdoor activities, including trekking. It is my opinion, if you are going to be involved with projects such as buttoning solid wood, and stripping of branches, you are going to be in need of an expansion success blade.

Although it is a heavier knife, it will be more beneficial in the long run due to one wearing themselves out working too hard with the lighter one’s. The extra weight may be a burden, and to overcome this place the weight into the sharp border, later on you will realize the justification of carrying it. All of this is what makes Rambo survival knives as popular as they are today.

Having a considerable border would not be realistic with all survival undertakings. I suggest mentioning the 3 slices or one enormous edge with a multi-device, this gives you a survival tool for cutting and includes a smaller auxiliary border. Which gives you a little bit of both universes, this way you will even get extra (which is handy in case a rotor blade breaks or gets lost).

Is it best for the edge of a knife to be serrated

The Rambo knives comes with a serrated edge, however, it gives you a choice of using the ordinary edge, or you may decide later on to use the serrated advantage. To be certain of success, it would be in your best interest to go with the ordinary edge. Although serrated edges are beneficial for specific projects, such as material cutting and sawing, they might make it harder for honing in the field, and they are not so good in cleaving or reducing, both of which are significant to the making of fire.

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What should the thickness of a survival knife be?

A minimum of a ¼ of an inch is recommended.


Now you know about the success of cutting blades.

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