Differences between a camping axe and a survival axe

Posted on March 31, 2017 By

Survival axes and camping axes are the one tool that has been used for centuries. Because they are similar in appearance, you may think that they are interchangeable. The truth is they are very different tools that work best when they do what they were designed for.

The modern survival axe mainly consists of a steel head that is attached to a composite or wooden handle. There are some that are made from a single piece of steel. They are often single edged but there are some that that have a double bit which is sharp on both edges.

The camping axe is ideal for splitting firewood and even chopping small branches from a tree. The small size allows you to get into tighter spaces and it needs less of backswing than other types of axes. The survival axes will sometimes have a hammer on the opposite side of the edge for striking purposes. Then you do have some that are great for camping and throwing.

You can use the camping axe to fell trees, hew lumber and split firewood. There are a lot of camping axes out there but just as many survival axes. Most survival axes are meant to be used with just one hand but it will often have a longer handle. These were designed to be used with just one hand and are often confused with a hatchet.

To be honest, in a pinch you can use either axes in certain situations. You could chop down a tree with a survival axe or a camping axe, but it may take hundreds of more strikes. If you can only have one of these in your home, your best bet is the survival axe.