How to pick the best Rambo Survival knife

I like to have a knife with a slanted edge or a distinctive edge. Of course, a lot of people simply like having a Rambo knife, and there are others who just want a survival knife in general.  Be sure to stay away from the twofold edge, sharp edge, generally designed to use for wounding….

How to select the best Hunting Knife

All outdoors men should have a looking knife. Choosing a looking knife that is going to match all your requirements is usually a challenge, because there are many different methods in preparing to head out into the outdoor wilderness, no matter what your journey. With that said, there are many different choices to choose from…

4 Uses For A Survival Knife

In order to be able to make good use of your survival knife one should get the appropriate training. There are local retail stores that sometimes give this training, however, one can find reading on survival expertise, view films, and sign up for classes. Getting instructions will come more near ensuring your own safety, as…