Differences between a camping axe and a survival axe

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Survival axes and camping axes are the one tool that has been used for centuries. Because they are similar in appearance, you may think that they are interchangeable. The truth is they are very different tools that work best when they do what they were designed for.

The modern survival axe mainly consists of a steel head that is attached to a composite or wooden handle. There are some that are made from a single piece of steel. They are often single edged but there are some that that have a double bit which is sharp on both edges.

The camping axe is ideal for splitting firewood and even chopping small branches from a tree. The small size allows you to get into tighter spaces and it needs less of backswing than other types of axes. The survival axes will sometimes have a hammer on the opposite side of the edge for striking purposes. Then you do have some that are great for camping and throwing.

You can use the camping axe to fell trees, hew lumber and split firewood. There are a lot of camping axes out there but just as many survival axes. Most survival axes are meant to be used with just one hand but it will often have a longer handle. These were designed to be used with just one hand and are often confused with a hatchet.

To be honest, in a pinch you can use either axes in certain situations. You could chop down a tree with a survival axe or a camping axe, but it may take hundreds of more strikes. If you can only have one of these in your home, your best bet is the survival axe.


Difference between a hatchet and an axe

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Both hatchet and axe are tools that have been used since ancient times for shaping, cutting and splitting wood. Both are similar in looks and serve purposes that are similar. But the axe and hatchet are very different tools .

The Axe

This was one of the first tools that were designed by man. It was used to survive in a hostile environment that was full of thick vegetation and wild animals. The earliest axe was made of stone instead of iron or steel. The axe has a wedge and a long handle that reduces the effort needed to chop wood.

The hatchet

The hatchet is often called a small axe because it is meant to be used with just one hand instead of two. This means that the hatchet is meant for smaller jobs. Most people will use hatchets to cut through thick and dense woods instead of being used to cut wood. It is also used a safety weapon by those who live near areas filled with wild animals. There are some hatchets that will have a hammer attached to them.


  • Size is a big difference. The hatchet is smaller than the axe.
  • Axe is normally used with both hands to chop wood while a hatchet only needs one hand is made for smaller jobs.
  • The blade of the hatchet is wider than the axe. It tapers out similar to a V.
  • A hatchet is not the same thing as a hand axe.
  • The hatchet is basically an all in onetool that may be used for more than cutting wood as there are some that use it against animals.



Best way to sharpen an axe

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An axe is a very useful tool for any woodsman, just like it was centuries ago for pioneers. A man with a good axe can build a bobsled, cabin or fence or could just use to chop firewood to keep himself warm. There are a lot of various ways to sharpen an axe, depending on if you want to smooth planks for a table, fell a tree, or shave the hair off of rawhide.

The best way to sharpen an axe is listed below. Remember, your edge isn’t meant to be razor sharp and it will never be suited to shave or carve anything, but it is great to be used and it can take a lot of abuse and still do its job.

Start by clamping your axe in a sturdy vise, with the edge up. Take a file and remove the burrs and nicks in the blade.

Make several passes with the file on the edges on side in a downward motion. Be sure to alternate sides and remove the metal evenly until the all dings and chips are file away and the edge becomes smooth. Be sure to use caution when you are filing towards the edge of axe, as if you aren’t paying attention you could lose a finger.

Once the burrs are removed it is time to head to the finishing stage. This is where you will need to use a fine file or coarse stone. Using downward strokes to clean up the edges, removing the marks left from the files and maintain the angle.

Lastly, use a medium stone and using a different stroke, start at the top corner of the blade and stroke to the bottom. Continue until the edges are polished and you are ready to tackle anything with your axe.

By sharpening the axe this way, you will be able to create a good and durable edge that will last for a hard day’s worth of work, assuming that you are chopping wood and not rocks and dirt.



How to pick the best Rambo Survival knife

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I like to have a knife with a slanted edge or a distinctive edge. Of course, a lot of people simply like having a Rambo knife, and there are others who just want a survival knife in general.  Be sure to stay away from the twofold edge, sharp edge, generally designed to use for wounding. These twofold edge knifes have blades are something you need to stay at a tactical distance from. The best kind of survival knife is one that can be used for multiple things, with my favorite survival knife being the Rambo style. Anything good enough for Rambo, works for me.

Finally, we have come to the combo sides, which is the halfway serrated. Personally, this is not a favorite of mine, however, the full serrated and/or the full plain edge blades have some good points.

The size of a Rambo knifes

You next thought should be on the leading edge size. Keep in mind that greater does not always mean better. I like the blade of my survival knives to be a least 6 inches of sharp edge because I use this for slashing a lot of wood when I have put so much of my energy into my outdoor activities, including trekking. It is my opinion, if you are going to be involved with projects such as buttoning solid wood, and stripping of branches, you are going to be in need of an expansion success blade.

Although it is a heavier knife, it will be more beneficial in the long run due to one wearing themselves out working too hard with the lighter one’s. The extra weight may be a burden, and to overcome this place the weight into the sharp border, later on you will realize the justification of carrying it. All of this is what makes Rambo survival knives as popular as they are today.

Having a considerable border would not be realistic with all survival undertakings. I suggest mentioning the 3 slices or one enormous edge with a multi-device, this gives you a survival tool for cutting and includes a smaller auxiliary border. Which gives you a little bit of both universes, this way you will even get extra (which is handy in case a rotor blade breaks or gets lost).

Is it best for the edge of a knife to be serrated

The Rambo knives comes with a serrated edge, however, it gives you a choice of using the ordinary edge, or you may decide later on to use the serrated advantage. To be certain of success, it would be in your best interest to go with the ordinary edge. Although serrated edges are beneficial for specific projects, such as material cutting and sawing, they might make it harder for honing in the field, and they are not so good in cleaving or reducing, both of which are significant to the making of fire.

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What should the thickness of a survival knife be?

A minimum of a ¼ of an inch is recommended.


Now you know about the success of cutting blades.

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The Best Camp Hatchet

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Whether it is a survival hatchet or a good pack packing axe, the market of products is all the same when it comes to camp hatchets. If interested, get more references from the following link: www.topsurvivalweapons.com/survival-axe.

Why you should have a camp hatchet?

When purchasing a hatchet one needs to consider the purpose they intend to be using it for to choose the most appropriate one to get. Keep in mind that a small hatchet can be more dangerous, one reason is that it will be closer to the body, another is that a limbing hatchet will not let you run trekking, which would be significant if in a survival situation, whether it is hunting, camping, or back packing, and it would be especially important if setting up your camp site.

There are four main reasons for a hatchet: molding, part, cutting, and butchering an animal after it is caught. Some tomahawks are useful for felling a tree, however, not for much of anything else. A chasing hatchet is useful when expelling a creature, and for parting logs for burning.

In order to offer some help in selecting the best chopper, this article will be investigating with different segments introducing the types of tomahawks. If you already have one of these and would like to know how to care for it simply click on the connection.

The blades of a survival hatchet

Curved blades:

These are good for splitting logs. Much of an arch on the cutting edge will make you have to work harder. Interested in more? Click here! Great for stripping branches, giving a profound cut. If it is sunken in there is a chance it gets into the wood and you have trouble getting back out.

Round edge blade:

This cuts better than the level edge, and is more adaptable.

Level edge blade:

Gives a smoother finish than the adjusted edge. It is best to choose a hatchet that you can use for up to twenty minutes before wearing down. This is because a heavier hatchet will not take as many strokes.

The back packing axe

The ‘excoriate survey’ is the hunters favorite axe, being more slender than the typical one’s, it has been adjusted precisely, and then polished into a excoriate survey. Comes in handy when cleaning your kills. Not intended for cutting meat, but works great for breaking connective tissues, designed to hack through wood and thin bones, making it the best when it comes to back packing axes.

The little forest axe

If you are only able to buy one hatchet, it is recommended to get the Gransfors Bruk Little Forest Axe. This is by far the best all-aroundBushcraft hatchet, it has a flimsy cutting edge, with handles long enough to permit slashing. The hatchet bit is sunken and has been designed to take profound strikes. It can be used for parting logs to burn, spits, building covers, timberland bows, and etc., with a handle length of around 19 inches, letting it fit in most ruck sacks.

The limbing Axe

This hatchet is used for felled trees. With a handle that is more drawn out than a tomahawk, a general rule is 24 to 25 inches, implying that it does not take a lot to utilize, with just a bit of additional force.

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How to select the best Hunting Knife

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All outdoors men should have a looking knife. Choosing a looking knife that is going to match all your requirements is usually a challenge, because there are many different methods in preparing to head out into the outdoor wilderness, no matter what your journey. With that said, there are many different choices to choose from in hunting knives.

You can choose the hunting knife that you want from many different types, such as the popular Rambo knife, Crocodile Dundee knives, Afghan knives, and many others. It is essential to become familiar with the different features and what to do with those features, if you want to be able to choose the ideal knife. Once you learn the reason a knife has serrated edges, and a hinge that lets you fold it, or why it has a sluggish curve down the length of it, you will enjoy shopping for one more. When shopping for a knife keep in mind that it is the handle that makes it easier for you to handle its blade. Your wanting to find a knife that gives you less difficulty with motion of the blade, having an easy grip. Being able to manage the knife will put you into the position of being safer.

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The recommended choice in picking out a hunting knife is to pick one that does not have leather, wood, bone, or plastic handle as its managing substance, because all of these can be slippery, more so when it comes into contact with sweat or blood, and even when it comes in contact with drinking water. When shopping for a hunting knife, it is best to get one that has been made of materials such as rubber or composite. This makes them extremely sturdy, but because of the better material the price will be a little higher.

However, it does offer many different styles and hues for you to choose from. Such as the Rambo knife having an incredible design and is very smooth. The majority of those searching for a hunting knife prefer the 1st Blood Aspect of II knife of the Deluxe Rambo, for the top grain and genuine leather sheath. There are two different kinds of knifes, the folding knife, and the set blade knife. With the folding knife having a hinge, which lets you fold and unfold it using just one hand.

A folding knife can be carried in a pocket or on a belt clip. A drawback with this is that it is not suitable for carving on large game, or under taking large survival duties, due to it being small. A fixed blade knife uses blades that can be lengthen. The blades of these have a better foundation as well. You can carry these in several ways, such as on a belt clip, a boot, and an arm sheath. For a comparison, folding knives (fastened blade knives) would be suited better in searching on a substantial video game.

So, whether it is a Rambo knife, a Machete, or the Explorer Experience package knife that you favor, the important thing to remember is the reason you are getting it for, and if it is going to meet all of your needs.


4 Uses For A Survival Knife

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In order to be able to make good use of your survival knife one should get the appropriate training. There are local retail stores that sometimes give this training, however, one can find reading on survival expertise, view films, and sign up for classes. Getting instructions will come more near ensuring your own safety, as well as help in making you more successful when it comes time to actually use your survival knife. Your survival knife has 4 important functions, learning how to use each of them will come more near guaranteeing your survival.

Be prepared

If you have the skills you will be able to use your survival knife for creating different tools, such as spears, arrows and fish hooks. A knife can also be used for making traps and snares, also for cleaning the food you catch, which could become necessary to stay alive. If you are not able to find food by trapping, the knife will be beneficial for getting edible vegetation. You can find readings on using a survival knife, there are plenty of good stuff to help you out online, and in e-books. It is vital that you know how to equip yourself with food in order to survive. Having the ability to get food is on the top of the list, for without food, none of the other survival stuff is going to matter. Keep in mind that not being able to get sufficient food will leave you weak, confused, disorientated, and unable to make rash decisions.

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Being able to build a fire

Being able to remain capable of starting a fire is also vital. You will need a fire to keep warm, cook your food, ward off unwanted animals, and possibly, in case of an emergency, to send out SOS messages. Did you know, that the carbon steel blade on a survival knife can be used for generating sparks? Consider signing up for instructions at a local retailer and you can master the correct way to make a hearth, you can also review online video’s, get in practice, take time to observe, and apply what you learn. Do not wait until the situation arises to learn how to do these things. This is not to say that you need to be top notch or special, it simply means that you are going to feel much better about things if you take time to understand, learn, practice, and be skilled with some survival techniques and how to put your survival knife to good use. If nothing else, you will amaze your friends, and maybe even save their lives.

Self Defense

If planning on using your Rambo knife as protection it is best to get some training. If you decide to take self-defense, I would suggest classes that offer shut quarters fight.

Being able to build shelter

It is important to be able to build a good shelter, as it can defend you and your equipment from unwanted guest. Your survival knife will also come in handy should you have a need for cutting up bandages and dressing wounds. You can even use your survival knife to give a sign of distress, if shiny enough.