4 Uses For A Survival Knife

Posted on March 7, 2016 By

In order to be able to make good use of your survival knife one should get the appropriate training. There are local retail stores that sometimes give this training, however, one can find reading on survival expertise, view films, and sign up for classes. Getting instructions will come more near ensuring your own safety, as well as help in making you more successful when it comes time to actually use your survival knife. Your survival knife has 4 important functions, learning how to use each of them will come more near guaranteeing your survival.

Be prepared

If you have the skills you will be able to use your survival knife for creating different tools, such as spears, arrows and fish hooks. A knife can also be used for making traps and snares, also for cleaning the food you catch, which could become necessary to stay alive. If you are not able to find food by trapping, the knife will be beneficial for getting edible vegetation. You can find readings on using a survival knife, there are plenty of good stuff to help you out online, and in e-books. It is vital that you know how to equip yourself with food in order to survive. Having the ability to get food is on the top of the list, for without food, none of the other survival stuff is going to matter. Keep in mind that not being able to get sufficient food will leave you weak, confused, disorientated, and unable to make rash decisions.

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Being able to build a fire

Being able to remain capable of starting a fire is also vital. You will need a fire to keep warm, cook your food, ward off unwanted animals, and possibly, in case of an emergency, to send out SOS messages. Did you know, that the carbon steel blade on a survival knife can be used for generating sparks? Consider signing up for instructions at a local retailer and you can master the correct way to make a hearth, you can also review online video’s, get in practice, take time to observe, and apply what you learn. Do not wait until the situation arises to learn how to do these things. This is not to say that you need to be top notch or special, it simply means that you are going to feel much better about things if you take time to understand, learn, practice, and be skilled with some survival techniques and how to put your survival knife to good use. If nothing else, you will amaze your friends, and maybe even save their lives.

Self Defense

If planning on using your Rambo knife as protection it is best to get some training. If you decide to take self-defense, I would suggest classes that offer shut quarters fight.

Being able to build shelter

It is important to be able to build a good shelter, as it can defend you and your equipment from unwanted guest. Your survival knife will also come in handy should you have a need for cutting up bandages and dressing wounds. You can even use your survival knife to give a sign of distress, if shiny enough.